Thermometers & Probes

Cooper Atkins

HACCP Dial Oven Thermometer
Model No.: 24HP-01-01
Candy/Jelly/Deep Fry Thermometer
Model No.: 322-01-01
Horizontal Glass Tube Refrigerator Thermometer
Model No.: 335
1" Dial Espresso / Cafe Thermometer
Model No.: 1236-70-1
Pocket Test Thermometer (-20/100C)
Model No.: 1246-02C
Grill Thermometer
Model No.: 3210-08
Temperature Data Logger Kit
Model No.: GL100
Digital Refrigerator / Freezer Thermometer
Model No.: 2560
COOK N COOL Digital Thermometer
Digital Pocket Test with Temperature Alarm
Model No.: DFP450W
Waterproof Pen Style
Model No.: DPP400W
MAX Digital Pocket Test Thermometer
Model No.: DPP800W
HACCP Manager Kit
Model No.: 93710
Infrared with Laser & Thermocouple Jack
Model No.: 412
Infrared Gun-Style Thermometer with 8-Point Laser
Model No.: 422
Mini Infrared
Model No.: 470
DualTemp2™ Infrared with platinum RTD probe
Model No.: 481
Angled Surface Probe
Model No.: 50012-K
NotifEye - Legacy Ethernet Gateway Kit
Model No.: 15901
Thermocouple AquaTuff™ Wrap&Stow
Model No.: 35132
Thermocouple EconoTemp™
Model No.: 32311
EconoTemp Combo Pack
Model No.: 93230-K
Multi-Station Digital Timer
Model No.: TFS4